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A series of inspirational quotes

I proudly present my best Illustrated Quotes, made for a personal project in the summer of 2014. I was looking for a creative project (to work on my drawing skills, which I neglected for too many years), without having to lock myself up all alone working on my art. So I though, let's get some friend involved! Inspired by many striking life mottos I started 'Illustrated Quotes'.

“Your words should be heard! I hear wise, beautiful and funny lines everywhere around me. It inspired me to illustrate these quotes and share them with you.”

Do you have a life motto and want to get it illustrated? Feel free to contact me!

Illustrated quote 'If you do not like it, change it Illustrated quote 'Dare to do' Illustrated quote 'It is not about having time, but about making time' Illustrated quote 'If the world did not suck, we would all fall off'


'Illustrated quotes' is a personal project I made in the summer of 2014. It had been a while that I took the time to draw and and wanted to pick it up again. I asked people around me for quotes or life mottos and these are some results.

All the illustrated quotes are posted on Facebook, where you will find more illustrations.

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