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Here you will find some of my paintings. I like to work with acrylic on canvas, but also make aquarelle watercolor drawings. I plan to work more with oil as well, but it takes some patience since it takes days to dry.

Buddha painting

This is my Buddha on canvas. It is a unique painting made for a long time friend of mine. She lived in Thailand for six months and always had a thing for Buddha. Inspired by this passion for another culture I decided to make her a personal Buddha. Even though we do not see each other as much as we would like to, she will always be in my hart, and now I have Buddha to watch over her from a distance.

This painting is made with acrylic on canvas, with some help of Posca acrylic paintmarkers to make the gold and silver decorations.

Buddha painting outside

Final painting in the dayly sun

Buddha painting close ups

Some close ups of the Buddha painting

Penguin painting

As many of my fellow painters will probably recognize, the outburst of creative needs comes as a surprise and will not stop until the idea is on paper. It is like the craving for potato chips, unsatisfied until eating some. That is what happened when I saw a photo of these emperor penguins. I just had to make a painting of the striking animals, with their silver colored feathers and bright yellow cheeks.

This painting also is acrylic on canvas. I used silver acrylic paint to make the feathers shine and this way the painting looks different from every angle.

Peguin painting progress

My penguins in progress

Emperor penguins painting

The final painting of the penguins


Various paintings.

Do you want your own unique painting? Feel free to contact me.

Selfportrait painting

Last but not least, a funny selfportrait